Sadhu Seva & Narayan Seva

Every year on the occasion on Most Revered Swami Vijnananandaji  Maharaj’s Ti thi puja, Ramakrishna Math ,Allahabad extend its tender hand towards the poor and needy people in and around Allahabad. This unique activities is named “Narayan Seva” through which we are trying to fulfill the dream of Swamiji: “Service to Man is Service to God.”In four different places the cooked food packet with seasonal fruits are distributed among 800 Narayans without discriminating the caste, creed and religion.

The Places are:

  • At the bank of Triveni Sangam

  • Brinda Prasad Hindu Mahila Bal Ashrama, Mutthiganj

  • Leprocy Hospital, Nainy

  • Swaraj Orphanage, Swaraj Bhawan, Colonelganj

Apart from this we also perform Sadhu Seva in which more than 100 sadhus are invited to per take food from different Akharas. This is something like a confluence of Sadhu Samaj of Hindhu dharma fulfilling the view of Ramakrishna Mission i.e. acceptance of all religion.